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Digital Strategy Written by Rebeca Trevino  min reading We have heard the importance. Of having clear objectives in our company to define the direction of our efforts. But how can we achieve our business objectives effectively in a digital world that faces constant change? We present to you how necessary it is to have a digital marketing strategy in your business. According to HubSpot  a digital marketing strategy defines the objectives that will be carried out through online means ; With the defined objectives  an action plan is worked out that involves the creation and dissemination of content such as email and blogs which are managed through websites and social networks.

Below we will present how at Interius

We create digital marketing strategies tailored to each business. Diagnosis The first step is carrying out a diagnosis of the company . This diagnosis includes different investigations related to the business such as industry analysis and competitor analysis. A very important part of the diagnosis is performing a benchmark . According to Salesforce Whatsapp Number List Latin America  the benchmark consists of conducting an in-depth study on competitors in order to understand their strategies and best practices used by them. With this research the company seeks to adapt some of its actions to attract its target audience; A blue ocean can also be identified to differentiate itself from the competition and offer added value to target customers.

In this diagnostic stage issues

Such as the strategic direction  commercial and technological efficiency  inventory of opportunities and buyer personas are defined. I will emphasize the importance of buyer personas  starting by defining their consistency. Buyer personas Buyer personas allow us to segment our strategy to target a target audience  where the message reaches the right. People with a minimum BTC Databasees investment in digital media. The above is achieved through knowing the demographic data  interests tastes challenges personality among other issues of the target clients. At Interius in addition to identifying your company’s buyer personas we also investigate their buyer’s journey. That is the process of discovering the brand until purchasing it to understand their habits in order to optimize their experience.

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