Trace has spent much of 2023 developing

We’ll soon be celebrating the festive spirit of Christmas and welcoming the New Year, so it’s time to appreciate the achievements and growth of the past year while looking forward to new horizons. GPS-Trace has spent much of 2023 developing products and supporting our partners and users. All the efforts paid off, and by the end of this year, GPS-Trace reached 250 partners . That’s a lot of growth – the 100 partner milestone was only reached in February 2023.

GPS-Trace has spent much of 2023

We are constantly introducing new languages ​​into our Consumer Mobile Number Database applications, as well as our website and affiliate panel. Within a year, five additional languages ​​became available. GPS-Trace introduced Forguard , a new client application that allows partners to create and manage secure customer accounts with flexible device, geofencing and data storage limits. All this along with payment per device and per day with a two-tier hierarchy of tariff plans. It offers a number of features and settings for efficient business management. In addition, partners can post information about their company and their logo.

The partner can also try all the benefits of GPS-Trace in a trial version

which will be visible to their customers directly in the mobile application. The partner BTC Databasees can also try all the benefits of GPS-Trace in a trial version. Ruhavik and Petovik , the platform’s signature apps, received a number of important updates this year: hour meters, multi-device sharing, device grouping,with a distinctive colored tail for each device, marine measurement system, track data export in . xlsx format, security mode, location sharingand so on. The past year has been a wonderful journey working with you, our partners and users. You made it a year to remember! Here’s to a better and brighter 2024 – for all of us!


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