My website can’t be found: the oldest story on the internet

My website can’t be found: the oldest story on the internet Every morning in the world, an entrepreneur or company manager wakes up and knows that he will have to ask this question to any web marketing expert: ” why doesn’t my website appear on Google? ”. Every morning around the world, a digital marketing specialist wakes up and knows that he will have to think of a quick response to give to his customer or he will die of hunger. Maybe you already know this story. You should know that there are thousands of reasons why your website does not appear in search engine results.

Case Do you fall into category 1?

Website does not appear on Google search bar You have a problem. It is likely that whoever created your website did not set the SEO tags that are essential for Telegram Number Database indexing your website . I’ll explain better why your website isn’t appearing on Google. By using this keyword ” Dr. Rossi Accountan” as a search term it is extremely difficult for your website not to appear among the top positions in Google. What I write below may not be the exact solution to your problem.

If this is not the case, it is time

Take a look at the tags , metatags , keywords , meta descriptions and texts of the web pages of your website. You should check if you have created a sitemap for your site . Whether Google is reading your sitemap and how often. You should take a BTC Databasees look at the robots.txt file on your server. This is a real SEO Audit that typically provides an SEO Specialist as a basic service .Do you want to try doing a simple check yourself? Use Google search operators . search engine. If the page doesn’t return any results (like in the image below), you should be concerned. SEO strategy Guide-Article-Optimized-SEO-download-free-resource-Nicola-Onida-Easy-Web-Marketing Climb your ranking on Google with your SEO Optimized Article! Learn about the framework in this free guide.


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