This keyword mining is similar to the broad

Keyword mining and keyword sorting 2: How to fill in search terms for multi-variant and single-variant links 1: Keyword mining and keyword sorting First, you need to obtain keywords, and then bury keywords with different attributes in This keyword different locations: The drop-down box is a good way to obtain keywords, because the keywords included by Amazon and displayed in the drop-down box are high-frequency and effective keywords. After the first step of obtaining keywords through this method, we can use the Seller Wizard-Keyword Mining function to help expand more keywords.

Through the batch query function

The relevant keywords in the drop-down box are expanded: Obtain 3800+ expansion keywords: matching mode in advertising promotion, which can match extended keywords and synonyms. And the top part also automatically matches the searched keyword roots (keywords that appear with the highest frequency), which is  Phone Number List very helpful for single-variant product keywords. In addition, after obtaining the keyword data, we do not bury the keywords into the listing without thinking.

We need to filter out the keywords

That meet our requirements through filtering conditions and embed them. Generally I will exclude irrelevant keywords: For example, if we sell  This keyword ordinary eyelash products, we can filter out all keywords containing magnetic (irrelevant). Other filtering criteria can be used to filter based on your own conditions. However, it is BO Directory recommended that if the purpose of keywords is only to filter out irrelevant keywords, if our purpose is to filter out keywords for keyword promotion, then we will further screen out the competition indicators of some keywords.



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